The Importance of Layering Security Features

Counterfieting has become a problem that is exponentially growing every single year. Thankfully, DSS has developed patented technologies that will fight to keep your brand’s integrity out of the hands of professional counterfieters. These technologies can be added to a wide variety of materials such as; packaging, labels, plastic and paper documents. However, there is a downside – from overt and self authenticating technology to covert and forensic features, no one feature is a cure all.

That’s why we layer our security technologies. For example, as a business, you would never purchase worker compensation that covers only one type of injury. That would leave your business open to financial losses when other types of injuries occur.  The same is true with protecting your brand – security features should be layered to cover the varieties of ways your brand is at risk. 

Counterfeit deterrence features should be the base layer to any brand protection strategy.  AuthentiGuard Pantograph 4000 is the best of these base layers.  This feature prevents easy duplication of a brand’s image or document on a copier or scanner. (The technology can be viewed in it’s most simple form here: DeterX Copy Warning Paper)  It can be built upon with authentication features and other deterrent features for optimal brand security. 

A secondary layer of deterrence can be laid on top of the first to create an even stronger deterrent to copying.  Features, such as AuthentiGuard Block-Out, work specifically against certain model high-end color copiers to prevent them from making any usable duplicates. In some cases, the copier will even refuse to create a copy at all. Other features such as Guilloche borders and microtext can offer disruptions in the clarity of the reproduction.

A third layer, authentication, would prevent counterfeiters who reverse engineer a document from being able to pass off their re-creation.  Effective authentication features should be difficult to mimic and not able to be reproduced on a copier or scanner.  An example of this would be AuthentiGuard Prism.  This feature hides words or images into a graphic area.  These words or images are only revealed with a specific handheld viewing lens and resist duplication on copiers and scanners.

So, what do you get when you layer all these technologies? We build transcipts and event tickets that not only deter copying but authenticate actual ones. We create coupons and packaging/labels that won’t loose your company thousands of dollars in counterfiets. The possibilities are truly endless.

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