Apple Hit Hard by Counterfieters.

Making an investment in technology is expensive, so obviously, you want to make sure what you bought is authenticate. But how? Once you walk out of the store it is virtually impossible to return a faulty counterfeit device.

Within the past year, technology companies, in particular the coveted Apple, have been hit hard with counterfeiters. Not only have fake clay iPad2 surfaced in Canada, but entire fake Apple Stores have begun popping up all around China.

Without any intervention, this counterfeiting problem could be absolutely detrimental to Apple, who has a brand held in such high prestige. By properly implementing track and trace technology, Apple would have the ability to keep an eye on their products from the moment they were produced, until the moment the customer walks out of the store with it. This would help ensure that a $700 slab of clay would never walk out of an Apple store again.


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