Transcript Fraud Proves Detrimental to both the College and their Graduates

You may have spent thousands of dollars (not to mention the blood, sweat and tears) to earn that college degree from a top rated school. The justification behind your years of accumulated debt is that you know that degree will help you get a good job.

However, what you and your alma mater may not realize is that there is someone else, who spent 20 minutes with a computer and desktop scanner creating a fraudulent transcript, applying to those same jobs. That person will represent themselves as capable and educated to employers but when they get hired for a job, they cannot perform.

Yes that person will likely lose the job they obtained with their fake college transcript so why does this matter to you? That person being fired means that a prospective employer saw a transcript they believed to be real, that their former employee was educated and received great grades from your college, but could not perform the job. This makes your school look like a joke; a joke that does not train their students to be capable members of the workforce. The employer will likely never hire from that school again.

Simply, what this means is, every time a fake transcript is created and used, your legitimate, expensive degree paints you as incompetent. Employers will not call the schools and tell them they’ve had short comings in a trained student and schools are often completely unaware that a person who never attended their school is tarnishing their reputation.

Think about it, if the hiring rate from a college lowers so does the enrollment rate. Your school could be insignificant in a matter of years.

What is needed here is a more secure college transcript paper that both employers and schools can be educated about.  AuthentiGuard Pantograph 4000 copy and scan deterrent features can make it much more difficult for a fake student to create a passing document and an authentication feature, such as AuthentiGuard Phantom, could even make it impossible.

What can you do? Tell your college that you want them to put the same effort into the credentials they give out as you did earning them. It’ll protect their reputation and your chances at finding a job that you’ve earned.


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