Counterfeit Vodka on the Rise – Are you safe?

We’ve all done it – too broke to go out to the bars all night, too bored not to. The only feasible solution is to go to the liquor store and find a bottle of the cheapest vodka on the market and a house party.

Sounds fun, right? Wrong.

An article from the Press Association told a gruesome story of a girl, Lauren Platts, who suffered severe side effects from purchasing cheap vodka. The article stated that the employee of the store she bought it from joked, “It will blind you.” Little did she know, he wasn’t joking.

After consuming about a third of the vodka mixed with lemonade, Platts now two months later, is still having trouble with her eyesight. She states “I’ve been sent home from work because of the vision problems. It’s really scary. I think I might have it for good, but I’m just grateful to be alive.” This problem is not only affecting her ability to work, but affecting her ability to perform routine daily tasks, tasks as simple as crossing the street.

The problem lies with the fact that Platts didn’t just buy cheap vodka, but counterfeit vodka. Bootleggers are using industrial alcohol, compared to traditional agricultural alcohol, mixing it with bleach and a cocktail of other chemicals, and selling it for those desirable low prices.

The end result is a product that is more similar to cleaning fluids and paint stripper than vodka. Counterfeit alcohol has the potential to leave you ill for weeks or in Platt’s case, debilitated.

As news of this growing problem surfaces, counterfeiters are finding an easy way around their falling sales – raise the price. If consumers spend more money on their alcohol, they immediately assume they are buying a product of higher quality. But, all this is really doing, is creating a seemingly endless cycle.

DSS patented Phantom technology would create an easy way for consumers to validate their alcohol purchase. By incorporating this authentication technology into the label, all a consumer would have to do is tilt the bottle, reveal the hidden image, and go home with a clear conscience. Best part of this? Bootleggers won’t be able to easily copy the technology.

For more information on how DSS can help, please visit


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