DSS Green Initiatives

As the world was evolving into an environmentally conscious community, DSS jumped in with both feet. From the materials we use, to our facilities’ layout, DSS is proud to say we are large advocates of promoting a greener tomorrow.

DSS is not ‘Going Green’, we are ‘Green’. The environment is important to all of us and we are committed to printing and producing your projects in the most eco-friendly way possible. DSS prides itself as an expert in the Green initiative in both the printing and packaging industry.”– Patrick White, CEO

So, how do we do it? The DSS team followed the U.S. Green Building Council’s program LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) when carefully designing the layout and function of our manufacturing facilities to coincide with these regulations.

What this means is we focused on, and met, the LEED’s five major component’s requirements:

  1. Water Efficiency  
  2. Energy and Atmosphere
  3. Materials and Resources
  4. Indoor Environmental Quality
  5. Innovation and Design

The DSS green design initiative is just one more way to surpass our customer’s expectations. But not, we have even developed a way for our customers to share in our Green efforts – DSS has the ability to use soy-based inks and post-consumer recycled content paper on all our printing and packaging products.

How it helps:

  • Created from soybean oil, these inks are available in brighter colors, are easier to recycle, more economic and reduce harmful chemicals in landfills; significantly lessening the traditional impact of printing goods on Mother Nature.
  • Although the percentage of recycled paper depends on each individual brand requested, each job DSS prints, incorporates a percentage of post-consumer waste, ranging from 10% to 100%. Additionally, our products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified substrates.

The DSS team will continue to use practices, policies and procedures that tread lightly on the resources that sustain us as a manufacturer. And as always, we look forward to growing new and old relationships with vendors and clients that respect our earth-friendly initiatives.


Recap: Counterfeit Goods are a Growing, Dangerous Problem

We love The Daily Journal’s article on the growing, dangerous, problem of counterfeit goods. It highlights some important key facts about just how dangerous this black market industry has become in the past year.

Although knock-off purse sales are down so far they didn’t make the cut for Custom’s list of the Top Counterfeit Products this year…counterfeit versions of prescriptions (such as Adderall and the cancer drug Avastin) are well on the rise, and very dangerous.

The Daily Journal urged their readers to be aware of what they are purchasing and to inspect the product before they purchase it, but we wanted to get a little more in-depth with their tips;

  1. Beware. Ever think of trying that 800 number on the back of your toothpaste? Well…maybe you should. Reports have shown there have been traces of anti-freeze and an array of other harmful chemicals found in counterfeit toothpastes. Try all the phone numbers and listed websites on a product in question, if they don’t work, or lead you in circles, you could have a counterfeit.
  2. Inspect. Know exactly what a product’s packaging should look like and compare that to the cheaper one in your hand. Are there any misspellings? Does the packaging look dirty or managled? How about the product itself, does it have a strange smell or consistency? These are all signs that the product in your hand is either counterfeit or diverted.

Always remember: if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Please visit www.DSSsecure.com for more information on how our patented portfolio of counterfeit deterrent and authentication technologies can help you.

Read the full article from the Daily Journal by clicking here.