How to Spot Counterfeit Football Merchandise

NFLEarlier this year federal officials announced a crackdown on counterfeit goods, ending in the seizure of more than $21.6 million in fake NFL merchandise. 

As you may or may not know, counterfeiters use inferior materials and craftsmanship to produce look-alike products that do not benefit the teams, the players, or the employees of the U.S. based companies and trademark holders. Honestly, the only place your support for the team is going is into the pockets of criminals hiding out abroad.

With kickoff right around the corner, DSS has decided to provide our readers with some quick tips and tricks on how to spot a fake.

  • Tags tell all. In most counterfeit NFL gear, there is only one tag for washing instructions. However, in a authentic pieces, there are two tags; one for washing instructions and a second for a serial number. That quality of these tags often differ as well – the real ones are shiny and smooth while the fake ones feel like paper.
  • The look and feel of the jersey is your second indicator if you’re dealing with a counterfeit product. The numbers and/or lettering on an authentic NFL jersey will have a smooth look and wont feel loose or fragile to the touch. On the other hand, a fake jersey will feel likely feel rough, the colors will seem faded or wrong all together and the lettering will often times begin to peel away.
  • Lastly, the price of the jersey is probably the best giveaway to spot a fake jersey. Most of these fake jerseys sport a $50 price tag. Remember you get what you pay for and the quality is equal to what you pay for the jersey – cheap.

Consumers should be made aware that these counterfeit items are found in both stores and websites. Some studies show that as many as 800,000 counterfeit jerseys are sold online each year.

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Document Security Systems to Expand IP Portfolio in Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications, and Database Management

ROCHESTER, N.Y., February 27, 2012 — Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE Amex: DSS; “DSS”), a leading developer and integrator of cloud computing data security and security printing technologies which prevent counterfeiting and brand fraud, announced today that it has entered into a new agreement with ipCapital Group, Inc. (ipCG), a leading intellectual property (IP) strategy firm, to drive a strategic expansion of its IP portfolio.

Previously ipCG worked on an analysis of DSS’s unique intellectual property landscape. This intelligence has defined new areas for expansion of their IP portfolio.  Under this new agreement, ipCG will now provide ongoing IP management support and facilitate a series of invention sessions throughout 2012 using its proprietary tools and techniques for invention and IP strengthening.

John Cronin, a recently elected member of the DSS board of directors and Managing Director and Chairman of ipCapital Group, commented, “Upon analysis of the unique DSS patent landscape, we see significant market opportunity to expand DSS’s IP portfolio. DSS’s unique combination of security printing technologies that transcend into the digital world through cloud computing, mobile applications, and database management creates considerably large solution building opportunities across all areas of commerce and industry.  Increasing global awareness of data security breaches as well as fraud reconfirms our belief that we can capitalize and expand the exceptional value from DSS’s game changing patents.”

Patrick White, CEO of DSS commented, “We are looking forward to working with ipCapital Group to continue developing and expanding our patent portfolio into strategic growth areas such as data security, cloud computing and digital delivery systems.  With the expert guidance of ipCapital Group, we can focus the expansion directly into these specific market areas and more efficiently capitalize on our patents’ value.”

About DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.):

DSS provides counterfeit prevention and comprehensive brand and digital information protection solutions to corporations, governments, and financial institutions around the world. DSS develops and manufactures products and services containing patented and patent pending optical deterrent technologies that help prevent counterfeiting and brand fraud from the use of the most advanced scanners and copiers in the market. DSS’s customized solutions are designed to protect against product diversion, counterfeit, and other costly and damaging events. In addition, The Company owns numerous patented and patent-pending technologies and products.

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About ipCapital Group:

ipCapital Group has been serving clients that range from early stage to Fortune 500 since 1998. Its interdisciplinary team trained in business, law, marketing, and product development provides a systematic and comprehensive view of the full lifecycle of IP, from inception through shareholder value creation. ipCapital Group maximizes business results for clients that seek to develop and execute IP strategies, strengthen and monetize IP portfolios, and establish and implement Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) practices. ipCapital Group has worked with a variety of public companies including VirnetX.  For more information, visit

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