2014 UL Brand Protection Conference

DSS is happy to announce we will be exhibiting at the 2014 UL Brand Protection Conference June 24-25th in Los Angeles. 

For over 15 years, UL has taken an aggressive stance against product counterfeiting through a comprehensive program involving enforcement, education and partnerships with key IP crime stakeholders from around the world.

As part of UL’s public service and safety-oriented mission, UL is organizing the 2014 conference to serve as a catalyst to strengthen and enhance brand protection programs, provide best practices for combatting IP crime and to strengthen global partnerships against this growing threat. 

How can we help you ensure you are protecting your brand, website and consumers from counterfeiters? Come meet us at the UL Conference to find out! We’ll show you how we can help:

  1. Quickly distinguish between real and fake products throughout every level of your supply chain
  2. Receive real-time, worldwide reporting
  3. Engage, encourage and connect with your customers.
  4. Establish e-commerce website validation

To schedule a meeting with us, please contact Kaitlyn White at kwhite@DSSsecure.com

For more information on how AuthentiSuite can help protect brands and consumers alike, please visit www.AuthentiGuard.com 


Counterfeit Electronic Goods on the Rise

A few days ago we posted this picture of variety of fake video games found by consumers, and today we woke up to learn that the danger of electronic goods is on the rise.

According to an article found on WHEC, counterfeit electronic goods are the number one category of knock-off goods seized at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

In order to combat counterfeiting, companies go through rigorous testing in order to certify their products with the coveted UL label. However, counterfeiters are determined to create knock-offs that are indistinguishable to originals, and have managed to forge the UL label. According to the same WHEC article (which you can read by clicking here) these fake labels were found on counterfeit smoke detectors up until last year.

Although these counterfeit products may be easier on the wallet than the original product, the make-up is entirely different and hardly ever safe for a consumer’s hands. These counterfeit products rarely perform as they should and have a high risk of defaulting, which could lead to life-threatening injuries or even death.

Counterfeiters tarnish brands, but companies don’t need to make it easy for them. In today’s world, 70% of counterfeiting is produced by a desktop scanner or color copier. DSS offers the patented Pantograph 4000, a security feature that combats duplications on the widest range of desktop scanners and copiers on the market.

Additionally, DSS has an array of patented on-the-spot authentication features which creates the ability for both companies and consumers alike to verify that a product is an original.

If this is not enough, we also have a unique consumer friendly, 4-step process to tracking your entire product life throughout its entire life-cycle; from manufacturing to final sale.

To learn more about how DSS can protect your brand, please visit www.DSSsecure.com

Protect. Verify. Track.